New Hindi Movies – Pyaar Ka Punchnama Full Movie – Bollywood Full Movies – Hindi Comedy Movies – 2

New Hindi Movies - Pyaar Ka Punchnama Full Movie - Bollywood Full Movies - Hindi Comedy Movies - 2
Rajat (Kartik Tiwari), Nishant "Liquid" Agarwal (Divyendu Sharma) and Vikrant Chaudhary (Raayo S Bakhirta) are bachelors who live together in a flat in Noida. Rajat falls in love with Neha (Nushrat Bharucha). Nishant falls for Charu (Ishita Sharma) who is his colleague. She makes him do a good part of her own work in office and also makes him foot her beauty parlour bills but he is dumb not to understand that she is only using him for money. Charu has a boyfriend, Abhi, but they aren’t on the best of terms. Vikrant loves Riya (Sonalli Sehgall) who also can’t get over her boyfriend of 5 years, Varun. Rajat leaves the bachelor pad. Vikrant, however is aware of Varun, and also knows that Riya has not yet called off that relationship but he doesn’t mind waiting because he is besotted by Riya. On her part, Riya keeps assuring him that she will end the relationship but actually ends up sleeping with Varun while she is dating Vikrant. Missing their meetings and bar-hopping, the trio decide to take a time-out by themselves. All three women, however, find out and decide to accompany them to the beach where they eventually mingle. Charu here kisses Nishant, while Rajat has a fight with Neha back at home. Charu starts to ignore Nishant and ends up eventually insulting him openly at work. Rajat and Neha eventually work out their differences, but soon after, further problems arise between them (such as Neha's constant tantrums). Rajat becomes so frustrated that he walks out on Neha, telling her that she is 'not worthy' of him. Nishant goes into depression but is brought back to reality by his two friends Vikrant and Rajat who drive him to Charu's house and Nishant slaps Charu's boyfriend. Vikrant finds out that Riya slept with her ex and leaves her. In the end the trio are seen sitting together, laughing and feeling happy with the moment they have with each other. Later on, the three girls whom the trio fell for are shown having new boyfriends.
Kartik Tiwari, Divyendu Sharma, Raayo S Bakhirta, Nushrat Bharucha, Ishita Sharma, Sonalli Sehgall

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